Global Solutions, Inc. creates targeted and sustainable business solutions that drive engagement, profitability and an organizational culture that supports innovation through EHS integration.


Global EHS Management Gap Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Strategic Planning

An organization that understands and can collaborate across the complexities of language, culture and multiple time zones consistently outperforms its peers. Global Solutions, Inc. (GSI) uses strategies and tools based on proven best practices adopted by multinational companies who are successful in managing their EHS risks. These tools include a global EHS management gap analysis and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) Analysis to assist companies with identifying priorities and incorporating results into an organizational (EHS) strategic plan.


EHS Consulting

Based on an organization’s EHS priorities and strategic plan, GSI offers solutions to meet your organization's needs. This includes EHS consulting in a number of areas such as developing and providing assistance implementing:
• a risk assessment process,
• global EHS standards,
• EHS training programs,
• audit protocols,
• EHS leadership education workshops, and
• safety and health sustainability integration.


Developing Global Fluency:

Cross-cultural, Skill-Building Workshops and Seminars: Hone your strategic capability to mitigate an organization’s potential environmental, health and safety risks worldwide while focusing on Global EHS Management, Integrating Safety into an Organization’s Sustainability Initiatives and OHSAS 18001. Unaddressed, these risks can significantly impact workers, financial results, brand and reputation, customers, products, processes, plants, the environment and the public.

Global Leadership Self-Assessment and Coaching: EHS professionals who understand and can collaborate across the complexities of language, culture and multiple time zones consistently outperform their peers.


Safety Sustainability Stakeholder Resource

Provide a safety and health stakeholder perspective during sustainability/corporate social responsibility stakeholder discussions and meetings.


Workshops, Seminars & Presentations

(See description on workshops page)
10 Strategies for Successful Global EHS Management
So, you want to know about Safety’s impact on Sustainability?
Process Improvement Using an OHSAS 18001 Model
Global EHS Briefing
Global Leadership Fluency
Characteristics of Well-Functioning, Multicultural Teams
Safety Sustainability Stakeholders Meeting Resource



A sought-after facilitator and keynote speaker, Kathy A. Seabrook regularly participates in industry events around the world. Keynote topics include:
• Global EHS Briefing
• Sustainability and the Safety Professional
• Developing your Global Leadership Fluency
• Building an Effective Safety Culture through Integration and Engagement
Click here to view a list of Seabrook’s varied speaking engagements.

Recent Projects:

• Facilitated an EHS SWOT analysis for a global technology company’s corporate and field manufacturing EHS team, resulting in the development of a corporate EHS strategy and priorities.

• Worked with and prepared a UK-based facilities management multinational to be market-ready relative to US EHS compliance.

• Assisted a global manufacturing company with developing and implementing a global Safety Leadership Workshop, which was deployed.